Saturday, 14 April 2012

Music From Chelsea College of Art

Guest Projects and Golden Cranes

Stuff on the wall, on the floor, floating in the air…

Bernat Daviu, Colin Guillemet, Peter Simpson, Alaena Turner

Curated by Juliette Rizzi
Presented by Angela de La Cruz

Launch: 13 September, 6–9pm
14 September to 9 October 2011

Stuff on the wall, on the floor, floating in the air... is an interdisciplinary show of four emerging artists and a curator selected by artist Angela De La Cruz.

The project began as an ongoing blog between the four artists and curator. The discussions which arose in the blog led the artists to create an exhibition, which transferred the spontaneity, dynamism and tension that characterises the nature of discussion in the online realm into a physical situation. The title is borrowed from a description of René Daniels painting The Return of Performance, 1987. It indicates the interest of the four artists in abstraction and draws out the relationship to performance as a means to activate and re-frame the art object.

A series of events organised by the artists and the curator have been planned throughout the duration of the exhibition. These will pick up on the performative aspect of their practices and will involve music, discussion and dance.

Saturday 17 September 7pm – 11pm
Golden Cranes
During his time at Chelsea College of Art, Peter Simpson, along with his brother, curated a semi-regular night of experimental music. The name 'Golden Cranes' stuck with them, and they have since gone on to promote more DIY concerts and evenings of music based performance. For this event they will re-create their formative years at Art College by putting on their favourite obscure music, surrounded by art-clutter!

Guest Projects and Golden Cranes

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Golden Cranes 015

These C-10 Cassettes hold two previously unreleased Circuit Breaker tracks. Evolve/repeat and Scapes. Both recorded around the same time for an E.P that never materialised, they use repetitive drums and disjointed electronics with vocals floating above to create a powerful haunting sound. Only 10 have been made with the Lino print made by Edward Simpson as the sleeve.